Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting Started email - 14 Day Free Trial

You should receive this email within 24 hours of completing the registration process for the Free Trial. I've posted it here for convenience.

Thank you for your interest in SHO Guide. I would like to offer you some guidance as you get started with this amazing tool. The first thing you should do is take a deep breath and stop trying to record on whatever application you're trying it out on… and follow these steps first…

How do we know you were doing this you ask? Well, let’s just say we know how tempting it is when you get your hands on this technology to immediately want to try it out in your environment (we all did the same thing). For those of you who didn’t, you would have eventually…

Here’s the key, there are a few tips and tricks that will get you started the right way… and with much less frustration.

Step 1: Make sure you have met the minimum system requirements:

· Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
· Minimum 256 MB RAM
· Minimum 500MHz processor
· Microsoft .NET 1.1
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or greater

Step 2: Print out the attached file “10 Tips for Creating SHO Scripts” and memorize it… or at least keep it close.

Step 3: Go back to the Transcensus website, login using your username and password.

Step 4: Go to the “Support” tab then “Resources” (if you’re not there already) and watch and complete all of the online training videos along with the QuickStart questionnaire which is attached and email it or fax it back to me when you’re done (This is extremely important so that we can continue to improve your experience).

NOTE: The videos may take some time to load the first time you run them.

We know this is a lot of free training but if you complete it, you will be well on your way to creating amazing scripts by the end of your free trial…

Step 5: Use the Support Forum to ask questions, you may find the answer is already there.

If you follow these 5 steps and your still having issues or need some help, don’t hesitate to email your question to we’ll get you an answer as quickly as possible, but no more than 24 hours. Good luck and we’re excited to hear how you plan on using SHO Guide.

Best regards,

Daniel Higbee