Monday, August 18, 2008

Microsoft Dynamics CRM users...

Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Solutions

Organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics CRM will experience substantial productivity gains by employing the guided help capabilities offered by Transcensus SHO technology. The guided help content library for Microsoft Dynamics CRM was developed with Transcensus’ award-winning SHO Guide(R) authoring solution and includes dozens of basic scenarios or workflows for the typical CRM user.

Each scenario is captured in an interactive learning script that delivers step-by-step guidance directly inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to assist the user in performing the task more efficiently with a corresponding reduction in errors. With this unique solution, users can be immediately productive with their CRM software without having to attend a training class or complete an online course.

To see this solution in action: The content was optimized for a general installation of Dynamics CRM and is available upon request: info @